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Welcome to our site! Dear customers, Shining Stones Business Is reopening after 2years Revelioten we did close . We reopening the office soon in Hurghada . So contact as direkt please. We provide a wide range of flooring polishing services, including marble flooring,as well as - tiles cleaning and restoration services for marble. Polishing and Grinding of Marble Flooring Polishing of marble floors requires honing which is the process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch the marble surface. This is an essential step as it helps to remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches, leaving a polished marble surface. - Polishing: This method will remove fine surface scratches, etch marks and produce a deep reflective natural shine and eave the floor sealed - Honing: Leaves a smooth unpolished surface, if you have a honed floor but would prefer a polished finish this work could also be carried out - We restore clean and seal: Marble,Terrazzo Tils, Kitchen Tils, - Cleaning: Removal of dirt, grime and stains from tiles and grout - Marble floors and countertops cleaning, polishing, shining, protecting, sealing. Care and maintenance are important factors in guaranteeing a stone's lasting beauty. - Learn Marble Restoration and Polishing training courses at Shiningstones, tile grout cleaning training, Any contractor, salesperson or distributor interested in receiving the most comprehensive level of training for natural , tile and grout restoration with the contractors real world needs as the main focus. The training is a two day course. Come with enthusiasm and be prepared to get dirty. Register Online Course Prices are per person (1000,-L.e). As soon as we have received your eMail, we will check the possibility of a cooperation and get in contakt with you - as soon as possible. We use a special flooring polish sins 2006 the best chemical to polish and clean the top surface of your floorings. It is recommended . Get an estimate of your first Marble Polish today. Please feel free to contact me via mail or phone without any obligation. We like to welcome you as a new customer!
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Shining - Stones Marble Polish & Floor Cleaning
please don't hesitate to contact me by phone: Sebastian Berger + 2 0100 400 9604
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